Monday, June 23, 2014

The Dukan Diet Made Easy by Dr. Pierre Dukan

Like most women, I would not be opposed to losing some weight, so when I had the opportunity to review "The Dukan Diet Made Easy" by Dr. Pierre Dukan, I was intrigued.

Now I must tell you, I have not tried the Dukan Diet, so the review I am giving is on the content of the information vs. my own personal testimonial.

With that said, below are some things I have identified as pro's and con's.  This is my personal opinion.  You may or may not agree with me.

  • This is the first eating plan I have seen that actually addresses challenges some may have in reducing weight due to thyroid issues as well as menopause.
  • The plan is uncomplicated and does not require specialty foods.
  • Dr. Dukan addresses the need to allow the body to get used to it's new weight (Phase 3: Consolidation) to avoid rebounding to your former weight.
  • Recipes and sample menus are included.
  • The importance of exercise (walking) is stressed.
  • You can eat as much as you need to of "approved" foods.

  • Dr. Dukan allows the use of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.  I believe that aspartame and other non-natural sweeteners are poison and have no place in any food program.
  • For some, this eating plan is very restrictive.  If you love, love, love meat... than no problems.  Being so restrictive, though, may be challenging.  (I think that after the pure protein Attack Phase, the days you can have meat AND vegetables would certainly be more doable.)
I think the premise of this plan is good, yet for me, being restricted so heavily would be my biggest challenge.  I guess, like anything, it's all in how badly you want the results.
Disclosure of Material Connection: I was provided a free copy of this book by Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion.  

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