Sunday, January 5, 2014

Uncompromising: A Heart Claimed by a Radical Love by Hannah Farver

What is a young, unmarried woman supposed to do?  Does she live like so very many in this world, focused on guys, college and/or career, and making herself happy?  Or does she make her Cause something greater?

Author Hannah Farver challenges women (really of all ages) to view their purpose in life through different "glasses" in "Uncompromising: A Heart Called by a Radical Love".

Miss Farver covers a common theme regarding purity, but also dives head-first into topics like feminism, modesty, and the possibility of turning the want for a relationship (or the relationship itself) into an idol.  She calls women to seek the Kingdom of God first, asking questions of what would God want us to do vs. (for example) should I date or should I court?

I have read many books written for young women as I prayerfully try to mentor my daughter through her teen years and beyond.  This book has some different insights I found worthwhile and would recommend this book for older teens and beyond.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I was provided a free copy of this book by Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion.