Friday, March 3, 2017

"The Polygamist's Daughter" by Anna LeBaron

"The Polygamist's Daughter" is Anna LeBaron's memoir of her experiences growing up in a fundamentalist Mormon cult that practiced polygamy in the late 20th century.  Anna endured many hardships like having to live apart from her mother for much of her life, being on the run from authorities, and having to live in squalor all because they were doing "the Lord's work", going door-to-door trying to sell things to make money to help support the wives and other children, and so much more that a young person should never have to be subjected to.  Despite all that she experienced, including the deaths of her surrogate parents, her story is truly a witness to the healing that took place through her real father, God the Father.

Anna's story was well written and hard to put down.  My heart ached for her during her young years knowing that she was being groomed to be a teenage "sister wife" to one of her father's followers, and cheered with her as she broke free and ran away from that existence and had the courage to face her past and begin the hard work of healing.

Anna, thank you for sharing your story and I pray that you are blessed for it.

I received this book from the publisher for my honest opinion.

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