Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Christian Traveler's Guide to the Holy Land by Charles Dyer

We have been dreaming of a trip to the Holy Land, so when I saw this book, I just had to get it.  And I'm glad that I did.

The "Christian Traveler's Guide to the Holy Land" by Charles Dyer is a fabulous resource for someone planning to travel there.  The book includes all types of tips and information, from traveling safely, to how and what to pack, and getting a passport.  There are even tips on how to overcome jet lag and information for those that may have mobility issues.  In addition, there is some helpful websites that cover currency conversion, tourism, and more.  To prepare your heart and mind for the trip, there are 2-four week bible studies that you may choose to use for yourself personally, or there is a group study if you are traveling in a group. But that is only the beginning of the book!

The majority of this book is information about different regions or cities in the Holy Land, Egypt, Greece, and Turkey, as well as the Biblical significance of each.  The margins of this section have a map that shows where the location is, as well as a lined area for your own notes.

I would highly recommend this book for any first-time travelers to this region.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I was provided a free copy of this book by Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion.

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